Real Estate Transactions

Acquisitions and dispositions

Bell, Carrington, Price & Gregg’s acquisitions and dispositions team has decades of experience dealing with both simple and complex transactions involving a host of industry participants. This includes representing individuals and entities on both the buy and sell side. With a geographical footprint that includes North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, our team can handle a wide variety of transactions in various jurisdictions.


Bell, Carrington, Price & Gregg represents both landlords and tenants involved in all aspects of commercial and residential investment leasing. This representation spans the entire leasing asset class from retail and governmental leasing issues to ground leases.

Construction and Design contracts

As part of Bell, Carrington, Price & Gregg’s real estate transactions practice area, one of our team’s core competencies is in the area of construction and design contracts. Our attorneys represent construction companies, architectural firms and governmental entities. Our unique experience in this arena paired with our synergistic practice areas within this realm consistently puts our team within the top law firms in our region within this practice area.

Multifamily housing development and financing

Bell, Carrington, Price & Gregg’s real estate attorneys possess a comprehensive understanding of the multifamily housing and development market. This understanding allows our attorneys to provide practical legal advice with an eye towards efficiencies. Our team utilizes decades of experience to furnish our clients with best of a broad representation throughout this entire scope.


The commercial practice group assists small and large businesses in drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts for various business transactions, including confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements, marketing agreements, MSAs, joint development agreements, sales and distribution agreements and service and repair contracts. Bell Carrington & Price’s attorneys are dedicated to ensuring the legal services provided fit within our clients’ goals and budget.

Timber and Land Tracts

The Carolinas and Georgia are leading states in the timber industry.Bell, Carrington, Price & Gregg’s attorneys represent large timber tract owners, both sellers and buyers, concerning timber issues, contractual issues, insurance issues, negotiation of contracts and other related matters.

Real Estate Transaction Articles

Practicing Attorneys

Tyler S. Gregg
Brian T. Price
P. Griffin Bell

Chris Trusk
Aaron Seagroves
Robert Blanchard

Samuel Lindsay Carrington

Chad Dial

Annah Toates

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